9 Months Later I’m Still Standing

Hunter basketball

The last time I checked in was August, when we first moved to Dallas. I was adjusting to a new city, new schedule and a new life. How did eight months pass since my last update? Things have been running full speed as life does, especially when you’re a parent. So much has happened since August. So MUCH!

My never-ending divorce is finally FINAL. We’ve moved out of the apartment from hell and are renting a house! Good news, the moved did not require any of us to enter witness protection, although at times it seemed like a possibility. HP, my 6 year old son, has started playing basketball, giving us proof his broken wrist has healed completely.

Hunter basketball

We’ve adopted a beautiful Border Collie/Australian shepherd mix that’s deaf.

Izzy and the kids

And, I’ve fallen in love….

Whoa, hold your horses there friends. This isn’t some breaking news about my dating life and a significant other reveal. Merely a declaration that after several years of struggling in a failing marriage and battling depression, I’ve found my happy place. I’m in love with our new lives.

The kids have a huge backyard where we can toss the football or run through the sprinklers. HP spends less time playing video games and more time playing with his best friend from school. My eight year old daughter has becomes best friends with our next door neighbor. And both kids have embraced their new chores and the new rules.

Kids bikes

I’m still not a Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart, but our quality time as a family has increased and improved. Some evenings or weekends, I can be seen riding a scooter through the neighborhood with the kids.

And, now that I have health insurance I went in and finally had that overdue mammogram. The mammogram led to an ultrasound, which led to a biopsy, which is a separate blog post TBW (to be written).

I know, I know, all of this seems like a given. Normal life for a family, right, riding scooters, playing in the yard, and kids that are thriving? But for us…for me… someone that used to approach everyday working hard to just survive the day, this is major progress. The last nine months have been challenging. There have been tears, sleepless nights, and more emotions than all of my teenage years combined. BUT, I’m still standing and getting stronger and happier every single day.


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