5 Best Photo Apps For Android To Rock Your Smartphone Photos

Photfy for Android Best photo Apps

Most asked question by friends and strangers: what are the best photo apps for Android & which apps do you use to edit your photos? I guess when people continue to ask the same question over and over, the answer is write a blog post. Because, I’m quite certain the photo editing apps for Android have taken my smartphone photography to the next level.

Photfy for Android Best photo Apps

1. Photofy The Photfy app is one of my all-time favorite photo apps!  From editing a photo, making a meme, adding an overlay or creating a collage, everything is easy!  There are 35,000 graphic elements you can add to your photo, 90+ free fonts, and 30+ free filters and film effects. With this easy to use app my photos stand out from the crowd and look professional. I use this smartphone editing app almost as often as I use Instagram!

2. Instagram One time, I experienced Instagram withdrawal, its a real thing! At the time, Instagram wasn’t available on the Windows phone and it drove me c-r-a-z-y! Just think about how often you snap a pic, just because you think “I want to Instagram this food, car, or whatchamacallit.” Filters can fix the flaws in photos, and the Instagram platform is the best demonstration of a picture is worth a 1000 words! Check out “How to Get The Most Out of Instagram” from The Online Mom.

3. Snapseed Ready to take that smartphone photo and make it look like it was snapped by a DSLR, then Snapseed is the photo editing app for you. With Snapseed, you can crop, straighten, add a frame or alter the brightness, white balance or color saturation. I probably use the drama and HDR options more than others, to enhance the textures in my photos. You also have the option of applying filters like:black and white, vintage, drama, retrolux, and grunge. Take the finished product and save or share directly to FB, Twitter, or Instagram! (Photo above was edited with Snapseed)

4. VSCO Cam I use the VSCO Cam app on a regular basis, but even more so when I am applying a black and white filter. With VSCO Cam you can give your photos a more artistic finish by using a filter or adjusting the contrast and exposure. Presets are available to purchase and are a fast and easy way to convert a smartphone photo into a work of art.

5. Magisto– So, I confess, I am one of those that takes too many photos. I’m also terrible at creating and editing videos. With Magisto, I have the tools to pretend to be an amazing video editor! This app automatically turns your photos and video clips into awesome edited movies, with cool graphics, and effects, so it looks like you spent hours when in reality it only took minutes! The app is free, but I upgraded to the pro version so I can make my videos longer and access different effects. Plus, you can share your videos on FB, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube!

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I only shared 5 apps, because these are the ones I use on a daily basis, which makes them my best photo apps for Android. Of course, there are tons of smartphone editing apps available on Android, Windows, and Apple. If you want to discover more smartphone photography apps visit Verizon Wireless online, or join the weekly twitter chats on Friday at 2PM CST #VZWBuzz.

I’m a member of a pretty cool team of influencers. I receive various devices and accessories from Verizon to review. No additional compensation was provided, and all opinions are based on my personal experiences.



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