2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty King Ranch Flexes Its Muscle

2015 Ford F 450 Super Duty is Bigger, Badder and more powerful than ever

2015 Ford F 450 Super Duty is Bigger, Badder and more powerful than ever

It doesn’t matter where you live, in Texas or out, you’ve probably heard the Texas motto, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Now that’s way too general of a statement to be true, but in some cases, the size of our bugs;  Texas State Fair; and truck sales; we’re definitely ahead of the curve. Ford couldn’t have picked a better place to show off the new 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty lineup, than the State Fair of Texas Auto Show.

2015 Ford F 450 Super Duty has the increased towing capability, ability to tow like a boss!

2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty Packs More Power & More Towing Capacity

Everyone knows Texans love their pick-up trucks, the bigger, the badder, the better. Ford answered customers demands with an improved Power Stroke Diesel V-8 engine that offers better performance and durability. I’m no gear head, so I won’t go into all the details, let’s just say this new engine is stronger, more efficient and more refined.

Ford Super Duty King Ranch Gets a Makeover

While most people wouldn’t describe a truck as a “luxury vehicle”, if you’ve ever sat in a Ford Super Duty King Ranch, you know it’s both rustic and luxurious. Inspired by a real, working ranch in Kingsville, Texas, the design team spent time at the ranch looking for inspiration. The result, a stronger focus on the running W, from the interior stitching to the exterior wheel.

2015 Ford SuperDuty Towing Ability

Ford’s King Ranch trucks are super popular in the land of cowboys: 40% of King Ranch Super Duty trucks are sold in Texas, and 16% of Texas Super Duty sales are King Ranch.

Fun fact: King Ranch has 260 Ford F series trucks actively working on a daily basis.

Ford introduces the newly re-designed King Ranch with lighter colored seats

Ford designers have re-styled the 2015 King Ranch, while maintaining the authentic Texas heritage with a modern luxury look and feel. I love the new lighter shade of Mesa leather that covers the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel. The running W stitched into the seats and center console stands out as both distinctive and rustic, achieving the desired look, that the truck was branded like the cattle roaming the ranch.

Ford Exec Vice President Joe Hinrichs with Ford F 250 Super Duty in Kodiak Brown

Words aren’t enough to describe the power and beauty of the new Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, you need to see them in person, especially the Kodiak brown. Normally, I’d never consider brown for a vehicle, but this color changes depending on the light and the angle, catching your eye in an impressive way.

Every 42 seconds a Ford F series truck is sold, so what’s the secret behind their success? While brand loyalty is probably a big factor, Ford is the only heavy-duty pickup truck manufacturer that designs and builds its own diesel engine and transmission combination.

If you’re headed to the Texas State Fair, make sure to spend some time checking out the new Ford line-up. The Texas auto show runs through Sunday, October 20.

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  1. That is a beautiful truck! I love the brown! We have a King Ranch truck right now and it IS luxurious on the inside. But, now I’ll be trying to talk my husband into the Kodiak Brown!

  2. What a beauty!! We are in the market for a new truck and I’m so happy I stopped by your blog today. King Ranch is all I want now. Thanks!

  3. […] Ford will continue to focus on  adding new technology and increasing fuel efficiency by making features like the Auto Start-Stop available on more models. And while we won’t see anything close to what The Jetsons drove at the NAIAS in Detroit, they’re continuing to work on improving driver assist technology. Besides who needs a flying car, when you can drive a car that parks itself? Ford debuted their fully assisted parking aid at the LA Auto Show, which can be activated with a button or using a remote control! Just think, your friend is showing off their remote start, while you are parking your car from the sidewalk with your remote! Home run, baby! […]


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