10 Reasons Ford Atlas Truck Is Perfect For Superheroes

Future of Ford trucks the Ford Atlas truck

Ford Atlas Truck

Last Wednesday afternoon, I hopped in my SUV, cranked up the stereo, and left H-town on my way to Dallas. Sunroof was open, country music was blaring. I was riding solo for more than 50 miles, a first in at least 5 years! Headed to eat BBQ at the Slow Bone with bloggers, and see the Ford Atlas truck up close, I felt invincible.

Future of Ford trucks the Ford Atlas truck

Now, I’m no Wonder Woman, Super Mom, or any other kind of superhero, but after seeing the $1.5 million dollar Ford Atlas concept truck, I started thinking….If Iron Man, Superman, or Spidey drove a truck, the Atlas would be the perfect truck for them.

Ice blue dashboard lighting in the Ford Atlas truck

10 Reasons Ford Atlas Truck Is Perfect for Superheroes

  1. 360-Degree Point-of-View Camera:  Maybe Superman doesn’t need this feature, but I do! The camera provides an aerial view of the truck to help navigate the vehicle in tight places. Anyone that’s ever ridden shotgun with me and watched me park in a garage, knows I NEED this feature.
  2. Who needs eyes in the back of their head when you have trailer back-up assist & dynamic hitch assist? With these features, anyone super powers with or without super powers, can back a trailer like a pro with the twist of a knob.
  3. Re-charge your power tools, or Iron Man armor with the high-power 110v outlet in cargo box
  4. Any superhero would look uber cool with the Ice blue dashboard lighting!
  5. Auto Start-Stop engine shutoff technology in the Ford Atlas truck, shuts off engine to save fuel when the truck is stuck in traffic.
  6. Next gen screens that respond to gloves. No need for Spider Man to remove his gloves.
  7. Bold design that makes a powerful statement, kind of like Thor’s hammer.
  8. Active Wheel Shutter that automatically close at highway speeds
    to improve aerodynamics.
  9. LED headlamps that are significantly brighter than HID or halogen lamps, for shedding light on the bad guys (unless you have X-ray vision) or catching a deer in the headlights.
  10. Intelligent Access unlocks doors and tailgate when you walk up. You can convince others it read your mind.
Ford Atlas Truck Controls
Photo Source Ford

Now for the spoiler alert, this exact truck with all of these AH-mazing features will never actually be for sale. Its more of a designer’s dream, created to show the possibilities in the future of Ford trucks. So if you want to see what is available for sale, check out the newly revealed 2015 F-series Super Duty line up.

Want to learn more about the Ford Atlas concept, check out the 40 Reasons the Ford Atlas Concept is My Dream Truck by 7 on a shoestring.

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